India Jodhpur 2015

ETV Rajasthan channel
LBN College, Lucky Institute of Professional Studies

Welcome again. Yoga is known today, not only in India but throughout the world. People living outside India are also being gravitated and attracted towards Yoga. For illustration, see this lady from California who has come to Jodhpur (India) and teaches Yoga to the school students over here.

(After video points to Viviana.) This is Viviana and she belongs to California. She is 55 years old but she is still ebullient and energetic like a school going child. Being inspired by yoga as yoga teacher with diplomas, she has been teaching Yoga to school-going students in Western Rajasthan for several years. She also does seminars and workshops on Yoga to propagate her wisdom and the importance of Yoga. Viviana is of the opinion that Yoga remedies all physical problems and keeps one's mind fresh as well.

(The part where the reporter interviews her.) "I am really grateful that I came to this school. I saw that many of the students understood what I was trying to share with them. I hope that they will practice this because it helps me through my life. And if it helps me, it can help everybody too as we are all the same."

Viviana has learnt the intricacies of Yoga in India itself. She became so intrigued by the teachings of Yoga that she started putting arduous efforts to propogate these teachings and promoted Yoga wherever she went. Today, the students of Lucky Institute feel pride in learning Yoga from Viviana. And seeing these children turn into Yogis, Viviana's joy knows no bounds.

One of the students says that, "Yoga has its origin in India. It was indeed a splendid experience to learn Yoga from a foreign teacher, such as Viviana, who has learnt Yoga in India."

Other student says that, "Nowadays, even people who do not belong to India have realised the significance of Yoga."
Today, people all over the world are using Yoga to remedy their physical and mental problems. We can now expect that Yoga will once again prove India to be the world's teacher.

However, isn't it surprising? India is the birthplace of Yoga and today, Yoga has reached every nook and corner of the world through Indian media.

Albeit, as you can see, at Lucky Institute, a foreign lady is teaching Yoga to the students. Such fame and recognition of Yoga was indeed inevitable but Indians have still not realised the importance of Yoga. Indians need to take a lesson from this story and start practicing Yoga so they can reap the benefits.

Jodhpur: Lucky Institute Of Professional Studies situated at Kamla Nehru Nagar, Jodhpur organized a one day workshop on "Yoga & Dhyana". The main speaker at this seminar was Viviana Siddhi from California, USA. The seminar started with the lighting of the candle. During the seminar, students sat on the ground and practised various Asanas and Breathing Techniques taught by Viviana. Viviana Siddhi is the Founder and Director of the Mandala Transformation Foundation, Inc. At the end of the program, principal Arjun Singh Sankhla thanked everyone who attended the workshop.
Jodhpur: Lucky Institute Of Professional Studies situated at Kamla Nehru Nagar, Jodhpur organized a seminar on "Yoga & Dhyana" which was conducted by Viviana Siddhi, the Yogini who belongs to California, USA. During this workshop, the students were taught about different types of Yoga Asanas and Breathing techniques. In addition to this, the speaker Viviana, shared her experiences of traveling to different countries around the world. Apart from this, some talented students displayed their Indian Cultural Heritage through dance and songs. Audience was seemingly mesmerized by these performances. At the end of the program, principal Arjun Singh Sankhla thanked the audience who had graced the occasion with their presence.