Yoga, which derives its name from the word, “yoke” – to bring together – does just that, bringing together the mind, body and spirit with Asanas, Kriyas, Pranayama and meditation. The goal of Yoga is to reach complete peacefulness of body, mind and spirit, helping you to be active and in harmony with daily life. Ethics are important as a foundation for developing a positive outlook on life and constant transformation. When we are creative we are the most present in now. Practical tools for empowering and improving every day life are:
  • Concentration
  • The nature of thought
  • How to deal with unwanted thoughts
  • Transforming negative emotions
  • How to turn obstacles to one’s advantage
  • Timeless mind – ageless body
  • Exercises
  • Martial Arts
  • YOGA is a life of self-discipline based on the tenets of “simple living and high thinking”.

NGO the Mandala Transformation Foundation, Inc. is incorporated with the DDEMBELYO Medical center, Uganda.

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