There is a completion
in every little mission.
When life is flowing,
it balances bowing.
This is the time for appreciation
which brings you sweet limitation.

The solution is not connected with illusion,
but is awakened manifestation
with unlimited love emotion,
expressing the compassion
for any three-dimensional fashion.

Competition is not a part of mission.
It is only a frustration
one the way out of illusion
without love’s impulsion,
and it can carry an angry explosion.

This is not a healthy way
to reach the peaceful valley
residing inside the heart dimension
that is connected with the morning star
allowing you to reach the sky,
without asking why.

There is faith and love emotion,
always one with the ocean.
There is no space
for the illusionary face.

It is only concentration
with unlimited imagination
which is part of Divine creation.

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