Happiness is the state of bliss
depending on inner peace.
It is a unique dimension
which deepens devotion.
There is connection
with unlimited power,
connecting love and the golden flower
in the special space where there is no race.

Bliss is the bright light,
the ticket to transformational flight.
It is connecting many levels
in natural manners.
We have to know how to water this sacred place,
so we can keep pride and inner bliss.

Do you want to bloom?
Just open your heart
to the available heart boom;
this removes the mess,
and allows it to reside in bliss.

Bliss can be strong,
grounded and expanded,
but not demanded.
You can enter it anytime
when there is no connection with the mind.
you can find the window
to unlimited information,
available to any creation.

It connects the present moment
with a timeless level
which has been there forever.
You just have to turn it on
and you will stay calm.

You can take a chance and be free,
don’t you see?
It helps you to let it go
and reach the deepest goal.
Since you know how to go into bliss
you can live in unity and peace.

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